Forensic Science Program

offered by the College of Science

Panorama of crime scene and lab images


The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology
(Association of Medical Examiners)

Journal of Forensic Sciences
(American Academy of Forensic Sciences)

Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal
(Canadian Society of Forensic Science)


Forensic Science is the application of scientific principles and techniques to the legal process. It is a blanket term for many fields and disciplines, all related to the application of science to the law. The Forensic Science Program at George Mason University offers a Master’s Degree, a Graduate Certificate, a Bachelors Degree, and a Minor in Forensic Science. These programs will prepare students for a rewarding career in federal, state and local governments, laboratories, or to obtain advanced education for professionals currently in the field.

This program provides an exciting and innovative curriculum that offers hands-on training in crime scene investigation techniques and crime lab methodologies. These courses are designed to provide exposure / training to:

• Forensic laboratory tests
• Criminal procedures and expert testimony
• Forensic Chemistry and Biology
• Trace analysis and physical evidence analysis
• Professional ethics and quality control

donotcross Forensic laboratories at George Mason University provide students with on-premise, real world experience.
Practical experience obtained in the Outdoor Forensic Excavation research & training facility.